Sources of passive income

If you are sitting idle at home and thinking how you can make money or increase your money day by day, then you have to be thinking like that for the lifetime. Thinking will not bring you money or generate money for you. There are various options out there in the real world or the internet, by which you can make handsome amount of money if you are willing to. Some people have idle money. They keep this money at home in the locker. But making a proper use of money in spite of keeping it idle is the smarter way. There are two kinds of income: active and passive. Active income is the income which you are getting for the work you are doing on the monthly basis or weekly basis or daily basis. Most of us work for the active income. Passive income is the income for which you worked once and paid for a long time. Most of the passive income comes from the investment. If you have extra time to work besides your regular work and extra money for investing, you can think of passive income.


There are many sources of passive income. You have to find the suitable one for you. Here I am discussing some of them which might be helpful for you.

Investing in share market:

If you have idle money, you can invest the money in the share market. You can purchase shares, the bond of different companies. You can also invest your money in the govt. bond. Once you invest your money, you will be the owner of these shares or bond. And then you have to wait for the year-end announcing the dividend. If you have made a good deal of purchasing shares and bond, you will get a return in the form of dividend or interest each year.

Investing in the tangible assets:

You can also invest your money for purchasing the tangible assets like land, machinery, buildings, shops, etc. These will be a source of your passive income when you will rent this to the others and get money monthly or yearly until you sell these. Most of the people find this option beneficiary for themselves as they get the guarantee of getting the money regularly.

Keeping money in the bank or any other financial organization:

You can also earn passive income by saving the money in the bank or any other financial institutions for a long time. These financial organization will give you the money on the monthly basis with a certain interest rate.

Investing online:

You can also spend your time and money online for making passive income. If you give your time to make an affiliate site, it will start generating money after a certain time. When the site makes sell, you will get certain amount money each day from that. If you need any help how will you start this, you can get help from the website of onlinedimes.

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